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Issues, Crisis & Project Management

Diplomacy has been described as "the art of letting others have it your way." The number of diplomats who possess the requisite artistry? Debatable. The fact that businesses and organizations need this skill set? Self-evident.

The Quorum Strategies team has years of experience at the international intersections of policy, politics, process, and personalities. Simply developing the business plan for an entity, like developing a policy for a country, does little to guarantee implementation.
We can assist your organization to:
  • Identify the players critical to supporting or forestalling a plan;
  • Simplify complex, sometimes cross-cultural issues, to identify key challenges and provide a detailed plan resulting in solutions;
  • Analyze the means by which key constituencies can shift;
  • Understand the rules that govern in any given dynamic;
  • Create a strategy to implement and sustain the success of a plan, policy, program, or operation.