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Political & Legislative Strategy

Success requires knowing the decision-makers and understanding the institutions where they work. From complex political issues in the U.S. executive and legislative branches to real-time challenges in running an agency or an organization, the Quorum team has helped advocate and execute some of the most challenging political strategies anywhere.  Quorum has deep knowledge and experience with key players abroad as well as in Washington D.C.

Quorum is well situated to create a strategy that fits your goals because:

  • We know the nuts and bolts of local, national, and international legislative processes from the inside out;
  • We have negotiated with decision-makers around the world;
  • We have helped find, hire, and train some of the most talented political and legislative professionals in the world;
  • We understand the political process intimately, have hands on experience with national campaigns, and understand how to work with clients on messaging towards meeting their goals.