Our team has led the highest level U.S. national security programs, processes and projects; managed and restructured large, sensitive international humanitarian organizations; run significant policy and assistance efforts in the Middle East and Africa; advanced innovative solutions that improve lives; and advised business and civic leaders on how to most effectively shape their political and operating environments.

We invite you to review illustrative descriptions of our work.

  • Worked with 75 European insurance companies and U.S., international partner entities, reached out to engage a global constituency in 12 languages, established unprecedented transparency, while processing 90,000+ claims, ensuring $300 million payments; nearly $500 million in overall contributions.
  • Advised a foundation not originally organized in the U.S. on how to restructure appropriately as U.S. non-profit, consistent with the founder’s mission and objectives, while continuing to implement its activities in founder’s country of origin, raise additional funds in the U.S. and develop educational and other opportunities to raise the profile for the foundation’s good works.
Strategic Planning
  • Facilitated discussion with multi sector geopolitical experts and subsequently with internal staff for major human rights organization to identify strategic opportunities to integrate human rights promotion and U.S. policy in the Middle East, produced report with implementation recommendations.
  • Developed and implemented task force strategic communications plan on national security information sharing challenges.
  • Coordinated and advised high level international conferences chaired by heads of state, with participation by public and private sector leaders from across Middle East, Africa, Europe, and the U.S.
Public-Private Partnerships
  • Created Middle East risk insurance initiative, captured $1 million in seed funding and key local, US government and global private sector partners, orchestrated strategic development for pilot to help area’s exporters mitigate risks resulting from trade disruption and political violence, earned endorsement from former and serving US presidents.
  • Hosted by a US presidential library, created and ran effort to bring together local journalists covering territorial conflicts in Europe and the Middle East for a series of discussions on the role of media in crisis diplomacy, and to learn from each other, professionally network, elevate skills, build relationships.
  • Constructed operating framework for non-profit and helped raise initial funding to finance innovative incentives to loosen lending to Palestinian SMEs, creating nearly 11,000 sustainable jobs since 2007.
International Policy
  • Advised three U.S. presidential transitions on national security council staff processes and policies; provided guidance on structuring national security staff systems for select foreign governments.
  • Working with Palestinian and Israeli leaders, identified priority health and education projects for the most vulnerable under-served West Bank residents; built, renovated, and refurbished health clinics and schools for those nearly 15,000 Palestinians within a two-year period and $6 million budget, while also making significant gains in access to and treatment of water, and on select security challenges.
  • Facilitated new use of US loan guarantee mechanism for Tunisia during crisis, valued at $485 million, and $100 million cash transfer.
  • Advised stakeholders in high-level trade negotiations between the United States and many countries; creating, advising and implementing strategy with the negotiating countries, policymakers in the U.S., Europe and elsewhere.