No matter where you are in the world, assessing political risk, untangling process, making your organization run better, developing a winning public or private pitch requires the right skills, a clear plan, and a team that gets the job done.

Quorum Strategies. We provide the following services:


Strategic Planning

The Quorum team has steered design and execution of some of the more challenging strategies of the last few decades, from helping resolve international political crises to rescuing the mission and purpose of significant humanitarian operations.


  • We start from where our client may be and help figure out where they want to go;
  • We know how to spot issues the client is likely to face;
  • We plot a course that will navigate around, under, above, or through obstacles and achieve the needed result;
  • We move forward to act upon agreed plans.
Operations & Management

Quorum Strategies helps public and private entities adapt to changing landscapes, define directions, and ensure firm foundations for future decisions.

We help clients:

  • articulate and revise missions and objectives;
  • identify needed organizational adaptation;
  • implement action plans.

Public-private partnerships are where an increasing amount of work internationally will happen. Quorum Strategies knows how to put our clients in the rooms where it happens, and get deals done, the right way. We live at the international intersections of policy, process, and the politics and personalities of the private and public sectors.

We can help you to:

  • Identify and introduce the best private or public sector partners for an endeavor;
  • Assess players critical to support or forestall an approach;
  • Analyze the means by which key constituencies may shift;
  • Create an action plan for a public-private partnership.

Quorum assesses, analyzes, develops, and resolves international and regional policy matters. We know how to deconstruct complex problems, find solutions, and build consensus in diverse domestic and global settings, so that results will be lasting.


  • We know the nuts and bolts of local, national, and international legislative, executive, and security branch functions from the inside out;
  • We have negotiated with decision-makers around the world;
  • We have ready access to additional function, subject, and regional expertise tailor made to issue at hand;
  • We design and deliver practice-focused national security process facilitations to organizations, businesses, and universities.


Navigating political or procedural roadblocks



Reorganizing foundations



Winning key arguments in the public arena or in private boardrooms


Identifying risks and mitigating global threats

Whether reorganizing a foundation, steering around a regulatory roadblock, or prevailing in an advocacy campaign, Quorum Strategies draws on years of experience and an extensive network to deliver results.